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Stop wasting time implementing and maintaining a third-party software/library. With PDFBolt, rely on an up-to-date, high-fidelity conversion API with no maintenance costs.

Fast and Easy Conversion

Lightning-fast HTML to PDF conversion. Effortlessly generate high-quality PDFs with minimal code.

Designed for Developers

Developer-friendly API with clear docs and flexible configuration. Customize the conversion process to suit your specific needs.

GDPR Compliant

Ensuring data security and GDPR compliance. Your users' data is protected with the highest standards.

Use Cases

Invoice and Payment Confirmation Generation
You can utilize our application to generate invoices and payment confirmations in PDF format.
Report Generation and Sharing
By using our API, you can easily generate detailed reports based on their application data.
Personalized Certificates and Diplomas
With customizable layouts and styles, you can design documents that perfectly fit your needs.
Conversion of Web Pages to PDF
Using our API, you can effortlessly convert your web pages into PDF files.
Exporting Content to PDF
You can quickly export text, images, and data from your applications to PDF format.
Conversion of E-books and Publications
With our application, you can convert your e-books, brochures, and online publications into PDF format.

Code Samples

  const axios = require('axios');

  const data = {
      html: '',
      apiKey: 'your-api-key'
  };'', data, {
      headers: {
          'Content-Type': 'application/json'
      .then(response => {
          // Save the PDF data to a file or do further processing
      .catch(error => {
          console.error('Error:', error.message);

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Create contracts

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Create contracts

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Frequently Asked Questions

PDFBolt API is a powerful and easy-to-use service that converts HTML content and web pages into high-quality PDF files. It allows developers to seamlessly integrate PDF conversion functionality into their applications.
To authenticate your API requests, include your API key in the request headers. For example, in Postman, go to the Authorization tab, select API Key, and enter your key. Make sure to use 'API_KEY' as the key name.
The API accepts both URL and raw HTML content for conversion. You can provide the URL of the webpage you want to convert or directly pass the HTML content.
The API might return various errors, such as 400 for bad requests due to missing or invalid parameters, and 500 for internal server errors. Ensure your application handles these errors gracefully by checking the status code and displaying appropriate error messages to the users.
Yes, the PDFBolt API offers several options to customize the PDF output, including setting print styles.
Yes, PDFBolt ensures data security and GDPR compliance. We prioritize protecting your users' data by adhering to the highest security standards and best practices.
PDFBolt provides lightning-fast conversion of HTML to PDF, ensuring minimal delay and high performance for your applications. The exact speed may vary based on the complexity and size of the HTML content.
Yes, after registering, you will receive 100 free credits to test out PDFBolt. You can use these credits to explore the features and capabilities of our API. As your needs grow, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.
You can obtain an API key by signing up on the PDFBolt website. Once registered, you will receive an API key that you can use to authenticate your requests.

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"PDFBolt has transformed how we handle documents. It's fast, reliable, and super easy to use!"

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